About Experis Professional

Amnon Reder

Chairman, ManpowerGroup


Executive & professional  Specializes in recruiting and placing of mid-management, management and executive management levels, and is the leader in executive placement in Israel in all sectors, including finance, high-tech, engineering, operations and the supply chain, marketing and sales, biotech, HR, and healthcare and medicine, allowing the placement team to deepen their specialist skills and consequently to offer substantive, quick and accurate solutions to candidates and organizations alike.

Executive & professional takes a unique approach in having a candidate-centric focus and treating the candidate as the most important factor in the placement process. As a company recruiting the most important resource for the success of any organization, Executive & professional views every candidate as a key customer. Experis professional's credo is therefore to closely accompany the candidate throughout the process.

With this worldview in mind, Experis professional adheres to several guiding principles:

Acquaintance as a basis for the perfect match: in the placement process, the organization must meet the needs of the candidate just as the candidate must meet the needs of the job. Consequently, the key to a consummate match between the organization and the candidate lies in an in-depth acquaintance with both sides and studying their needs.

To facilitate the perfect fit, Executive & professional studies the characteristics of the position and the requirements of the role from a technical and personality perspective, assesses the needs, conducts precise and focused mapping of the organization's attributes on a professional and organizational level, and familiarizes itself with the spirit and culture of the organization, as well as its patterns of behavior. At the same time, it conducts a meticulous assessment of the candidate, gaining an in-depth understanding of the candidate's level of professionalism, experience, qualifications, skills and occupational and personality preferences.

An ethic of being discreet: each candidate is assigned a placement team in the candidate's area of expertise, and that accompanying team remains fully discreet throughout.

 Providing practical advice, information and tools. Executive & professional is the only company in Israel that furnishes clients and candidates with a quarterly index of trending demands for executives, and that provides a picture of the employment map in the various fields. In addition, as part of the process, our placement experts are at the disposal of candidates to provide them with the tools to conduct themselves effectively in job interviews, and with estimates of "the market value" in the job market, as well as advice at key junctures in their careers.

Areas of expertise:



 Brings together fields for matching the right person with the right workplace, and safeguarding his/ her terms of employment. In an age where computers and technology are taking over all areas of our lives, it is patently clear to all and sundry that the human resource is the driving force behind every successful business, and that the "person behind the machine" is the one who gives it meaning. HR deals with recruiting people, obtaining an optimal match for the position and safeguarding their welfare as well as the welfare of the organization as a whole.


In an age of abundance, marketing and sales are occupations in the highest demand. Management of sales and commerce, marketing, advertising, spokesmanship or PR, brand management, strategic consulting, business development and product promotions management, content management or call center management – all these provide the support that allows a business to grow. Marketing and sales is conducted in a dynamic and vibrant world, across sectors and languages, and in all the types of media, offering key positions and mid-level management jobs with scope for promotion and to make a mark. Marketing and sales is one of the areas in highest demand; we recruit for a whole range of positions, from brand management to digital management, to sales, trade and business development.


Logistics deals with management of the material resources and the supply chain, and seeks to ensure that there is the right equipment, in the right amount, at the right time, in the right place, at the lowest possible cost. This field encompasses the means of transportation, conveyance, storage and maintenance, and delivery and distribution. The senior jobs in this area include positions for varying ranks of buyers, procurement, import and export managers, mechanical, electrical and production plant engineers, production and maintenance managers, technical managers and production plant managers, infrastructure and project managers, O&M and PPC, QA and QC, as well as logistics and operations managers, etc.

Operations and engineering focuses on a diversity of content worlds, from industrial management engineers, procurement, distribution and logistics managers to production managers, mechanical engineers and civil engineering in all its forms.

Healthcare and medicine

Provides an envelope of services in the area of healthcare and medicine countrywide to a diverse range of clients, such as the Kupot Holim (HMOs), medical diagnostics centers, hospitals, sheltered housing facilities, emergency medicine centers, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

At Executive & professional, you will find branches that specialize in the recruitment, placement and employment of people in a variety of professions in the worlds of nursing, physiotherapy, speech therapy, social work, medicine, medical secretaries, as well as headquarters, administrative and service positions, etc.

We have a nationwide pool of candidates and we custom tailor solutions to medical sectors facing acute shortages.


The Israeli Biotech sector is one of the most developed sectors in the world, currently serving an endless stream of some of the biggest international industries, including the pharmaceutical, plastics, biotech, chemical, food, medicine and medical devices, and cosmetics industries, and more…

In biotech, we specialize in the professional recruitment of academics in the life sciences, biotechnology, chemistry, the exact sciences, engineering, laboratories, pharmacy and paramedic professions,

and provide recruitment and placement solutions for every type of position in these fields, in every industrial sector.

Our top clients include leading organizations in the world of Pharma, medical equipment and medical devices companies, food, and agriculture industries, etc.

Experis Hitech

Engages in the placement of workers in IT and high-tech fields and specializes in locating and matching talents for positions and for organizations across all the high-tech sectors: startups, telecom and mobile, industry, software, finance, and biotech.

 Optimum match in minimum time: our staff specialize in recruiting in the field of technology, sourcing, and locating candidates, passive and active. We have innovative systems to streamline the process for finding the best possible professionals for you in the shortest possible time.

A vast pool of candidates: we have a pool of thousands of suitable candidates in the areas of information systems and IT, engineering and the exact sciences, ranging from novice professionals to the most senior executives.

Locating and recruiting talent: our network of contacts extends to hundreds of people in high-tech who are rewarded for friend referrals, enabling us to find the ideal experts for you – from professionals with specific knowledge specs, to executives with fitting experience for the organization, to entrepreneurs and professionals according on demand.